SPF not correct

Hello All, I was testing my mail server with this email testing service and noticed this message fail: local="u.fukt.lol: Sender is not authorized by default to use 'u.fukt.lol' in 'helo' identity (mechanism '-all' matched)", authority="Please see http://www.openspf.org/Why?s=helo;id=u.fukt.lol;ip=;r=ts11-do.checktls.com" I tried going to the openspf.org domain it mentions but it seems to be offline… Can anyone help with this?

Try adding a hyphen to the domain:


I did try this, but I just see a webpage that askes me to put in “mail from” and “sending ip” I enter the sending ip and mail from and it just reloads the page.

You might get something helpful from:

In my opinion, the only tool that is useful and accurate is

And most importantly, they are not out to sell you something like many of the other tools mentioned in this thread.


I don’t know if it is the only one that’s worth using but it is a go to that I use time and time again, it’s simple, fast, and accurate.

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