Spam Filtering Issues

I have setup a new MIAB server a couple of weeks ago. Running .46 I believe on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I have to say kudos on the concept and execution.

I moved everything over from exchange 2019 with pst files.

I currently have one issue although. Spam filtering is not working. I have been moving e-mails to my spam folder but I still keep getting them from the same company. In this case The Honest Company. What am I doing wrong here? Does the client matter?

I am using evolution email client on my Ubuntu laptop. On evil IOS i’m using spark e-mail client.

I have same problem, still unresolved …

There is post here 4y old

that suggest using the “Kurt Yoder script” …

Spam filtering is really one thing I haven’t much experience with in regards to MiaB.

But I do want to offer one piece of advice that you can use in this situation … create a filter in Roundcube that will send emails from that particular sender to spam folder or whatever your preference is.

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I will check both of these options out. Thank you so much for the response everyone.

bayessian training performed by dovecot when moving mails into/outto Junk folder – i’ve checked it myself: I have one particular notification which came into Spam - but after moving it from Junk to Inbox for ten times - it whitelisted now.

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