Spam email in roundcube can't be received in outlook junk folder

I setup MIAB and for testing it I sent a test spam mail with the content XJSC4JDBQADN1.NSBN32IDNENGTUBE-STANDARD-ANTI-UBE-TEST-EMAILC.34X to the newly created email-address. All works fine the email is recognized as spam and lands in the spam folder of roundcube, like it should. But in Outlook the email isn’t received in the Junk folder. So what can I do so that all spam emails also can be received in the outlook folder?

I’m not familiar with Outlook, but I believe Roundcube is just looking at the folders on the IMAP server. Do the folders at least have the same name on Outlook?

I too am not a user of Outlook, but as you noted the folders are named differently in Outlook.

You will need to subscribe to the spam folder in Outlook, or map it to the junk folder.

I configured the email account in outlook with pop3 and not with imap, and in outlook the folder is called “Junk-E-Mail”. So what should I do?

I haven’t dug far enough into the differences between POP3 and IMAP, but they are actually separate. It’s just going to be local filter only for your client (Outlook). And I’m fairly sure that with MiaB you won’t download any of the IMAP spam messages over POP3.

Ok, I think I solved it, I just setup an imap account and this shows in realtime the same folder structure than the one in roundcube. Now when I have an email in spam folder or any other folder and I delete it in Outlook this is deleted synchronosly, same vice versa. But if someone can explain why pop3 doesn’t receive the spam folder please tell for increasing the knowledge.

My understanding is that POP3 server is treated as a separate server. That is one of the reasons why you log in on a different port.

POP3 downloads the emails to your local client. There are ways to sync POP3 with the server, but you have to configure the client for it. You also have to be careful because most clients by default will delete downloaded mail from the server, so then it will also not be available in the IMAP side of things. I’m not completely sure how Dovecot manages all of this as I believe on some huge installations the IMAP and POP3 servers physically separate, but I may have that wrong, but for sure Dovecot is a hugely configurable and powerful tool.

The client will not download emails that are in the spam folder. I believe this is also true for sent items. I’m not sure how to change this behavior. IIRC, Gmail POP3 server will send sent items and I always had to create a filter rule, so this might be just the way MiaB is configured.

What I can say from testing is that the pop3 works with the “deleted” and “sent” folders. Thanks for your replies.

Thunderbird in Mint doesn’t seem to do this. I effectively have two independent Sent folders.