"Something went wrong, sorry." since upgrade to 0.18c

Hi guys,

Mail in a box server is a great product and I use it for 4 months now in a virtual image in a proxmox baremetal env. It works great and I only had a few tweaks to configure (on virtualizer firewall side) to make it run smoothly. Thank you for this work !

Yesterday, I upgraded to version 0.18c.
Everything was OK, except the fact that I get twice a red warning saying something was wrong with the upgrade command of ownCloud (which I did not use at all, BTW)
After that, I had no message saying the install was finished, (and none saying it failed either) but I do not know if such message exists…

Now, when I log to status checks, I get the “Something went wrong, sorry.” message. But after the usual time, I get the full information about my system, and I can click “OK” to remove the warning message.
And everything seems normal. Overall server behavior seems fine too…

Using SSH & running directly the status_checks.py script, I get the following result :

root@mail:~/mailinabox/management# ./status_checks.py


Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./status_checks.py”, line 919, in
run_checks(False, env, ConsoleOutput(), pool)
File “./status_checks.py”, line 26, in run_checks
if not run_services_checks(env, output, pool):
File “./status_checks.py”, line 95, in run_services_checks
File “./status_checks.py”, line 909, in playback
getattr(output, attr)(*args, **kwargs)
File “./status_checks.py”, line 852, in print_error
self.print_block(message, first_line="\u2716 ")
File “./status_checks.py”, line 858, in print_block
print(first_line, end=’’, file=self.buf)
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character ‘\u2716’ in position 0: ordinal not in range(128)

I’m not a python expert (actually, I know nothing of this language), but at line 852, it is true that there is an unsupported character. May be some utf8/ascii conversion issue :

            self.print_block(message, first_line="▒~\~V  ")

However, despite I’m french, I do not remember having set my ubuntu box to Fr.fr or anything that could explain the conflict (I leaved it as default, and the first install, few months ago was fine). And the “env” command return nothing about language support.

I’m wondering if I should start again the install or remove myself the weird char in the script…

Any idea ?

Best regards


Install 18c from a fresh ubuntu, make sure to set the language to english.US if possible.

Hi Murgero,
Thanks for this advise, but I checked and my ubuntu is a plain english vanilla 14.04. See:

Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.8-1-pve x86_64)
root@mail:~# locale -a

The problem was the Ubuntu image I am using (from turnkeylinux.org, used with LXC) had a default local which was “C”.

I set :
in /etc/default/locale and it fixed the issue.

So reinstalling MailInABox v18c on the same vanilla ubuntu would not have changed anything…

The source of this problem was that some unicode chars are present in the python script…
Josh, don’t you think it would be simpler and safer to just use plain ascii chars ?
I may not be the only one who had a LANG=“C” in his default config…

Best regards. I thanks again for this great package !


This is probably not the cause of the original problem, is it? Did this fix the error in the web control panel?

Hi Josh,

According the forum answer I read, most Ubuntu & Debian install uses “en_US.UTF-8” as default for LANG.
But it seems that “C” was the previous settings (some years ago) and is a bit lightweight. It may be the reason why the turnkey LXC image, which try to minimize its footprint, for virtualization, choose such default setting.

And Yes, it perfectly fixed the issue I get in web panel control (so far I did not see any warning in logs or elsewhere).