Something went wrong. sorry. [DNS Page]

I’m running two of these MIAB servers and both of them seem to be unable to handle loading the DNS page help!

Do you have any “Custom DNS” settings set ?

Is this a new install or has it been around for awhile?

Were you able to get into it before?

I assume you are hosting locally, but I need to ask . . . are you hosting DNS locally or somewhere else?

Just for yucks, try a different browser? Over the fence longshot, but worth a try.

I’ve tried a few options, mobile, chrome, brave, safari, firefox. No joy sadly :frowning:

I have many custom dns settings yes.

For this problem it likely won’t be affected by device or browser.

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Have you recently ‘removed’ a domain?

Check the /home/user-data/dns/custom.yaml file for any entries for domains that are no longer being served.

I add and remove domains from time to time I’ll have a sift through its just odd that this happened on two physically and geographically separate MIAB installs around the same time.

It appears that there are a lot of records that aren’t trimmed from custom.yaml is there a cleanup command I can run or do I have to sift through these records to clean this up?

I cleaned up a bunch of records that I thought should be gone already and now the page loads but this is a definite issue that should be addressed because similar things to this has happened in the past.

Run the script in /mailinabox/management/

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