Some questions after upgrading V0.29 -> V0.41

Last week I moved my not recommended installation (a dedicated APU2 server @ home) from Ubuntu 14.04 / MIAB 0.29 to Ubuntu 18.04 / MIAB 0.41. Due to Josh’s clear and detailed upgrade post this went without nary a hitch.

However, it left me with a couple of questions:

  • When I restored the data on my new system I noticed that the backup settings themselves are not restored. Is that by design?

  • I also ran into the problem described elsewhere, where the backup on the new system generates a number of directories at the target instead of the .gpg files that it normally creates. The suggested commenting out of the line “–ssh-options=’-i /root/.ssh/id_rsa_miab’” did the trick here. I have no idea what this line does and if commenting it out presents future problems, fact is that I now get backups that work (tested). Can I leave the line commented out?

  • And a last thing is that, upon restoring the V0.30 data to V0.41, my secret_key.txt file turned out to be wrong. As I still had the old system available I copied it from there and the restore worked. A couple of days later, after making sure the new system operated fine, I rebuild the old system to V18.04 / 0.41 as well and restored the backup from the new box, including the secret_key.txt file.
    Upon restoring it turned out that the keyfile was incorrect. No real problem, as I could get it from the new system easily, but it made me wonder: either I am too scatterbrained for procedures like this (might very well be true) or that keyfile was somehow changed between backups. Can that happen? When is that keyfile produced / changed?

Anyway, I now am the proud owner of a fine-running, up-to-date MIAB installation with OS support until 04-2023. I tested rebuilding and restoring which increased my confidence in being able to solve problems might they arise. I am very happy with MIAB!

Whenever the data is restored onto a new install of MiaB. The new installation of MiaB is what triggered it.

Ah, so if I create a brand new system I get a new secret_key.txt file. And when I subsequently restore another system that file gets replaced by the restored version of secret_key.txt.

That makes sense, and that is probably how I mixed them up.

I tried another restore this morning and now the secret_key.txt file was ok.