[SOLVED] What are the NextCloud update requirements?

Hi MiaBers,

What is the proper way to update NextCloud, in the current MIAB v.26b NextCloud ver. 12.0.3, official NC is ver. 12.0.5. there are a lot of small fix and improvements, no urgent necessity for the update but I’d like to be up-to-date.

I found that version and sha1sum are hardcoded in mailinabox/setup/owncloud.sh

157 owncloud_ver=12.0.5
158 owncloud_hash=d25afbac977a4e331f5e38df50aed0844498ca86
159 #owncloud_ver=12.0.3
160 #owncloud_hash=beab41f6a748a43f0accfa6a9808387aef718c61

Is that the only change that needs to be done or there are more things that I need to be aware in order to upgrade NC version?

Or would it be better to use:

sudo -H -u www-data php occ upgrade

This will revert back or break if I re-run/update mailinabox.

After rerun, the mailinabox setup everything seems to go smoothly and /cloud works. But still wanted to check before I push it to my live setup.

TIP: NextCloud have an online quick security check that’s is useful, you can scan your MIAB if it’s configured properly - out of the box running my unmodified MIAB v.26b gets rating “A”.


There is no supported way to upgrade any sub-component of Mail-in-a-Box. You’d have to wait for it to be updated in the Mail-in-a-Box installer in a future release.

This update is already (as of this morning) in the queue for the next release. Thanks.

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Thanks, JoshData!

Certainly, I can wait for next release.


I mean technically couldn’t you manually go through the update steps though?

Anyone can do whatever manual things to their box. The question was what was the proper way to do it, and I said there’s no way that is formally supported by this project.