[SOLVED] Upgraded to 0.41 but 0.40 still being reported afterwards

@JoshData Upgraded now to version 0.41 but version 0.40 is still being reported as the one currently installed in control panel, afterwards…

A new version of Mail-in-a-Box is available. You are running version v0.40. The latest version is v0.41. For upgrade instructions, see https://mailinabox.email.

I’ll try again by upgrading a diferent server tomorrow, to be sure if that’s a bug or some kind of mistake I made at my side. I’ll keep you informed.

[EDIT190227-0941CET] Noticed that updating my OLD mycustom/mycustom ‘master’ fork with latest mailinabox/mailinabox ‘master’ official branch changes are not getting the admin panel MiaB version number report updated, too. Then, reported issue is my fault and doesn’t affect default users when upgrading directly from official mailinabox/mainabox ‘master’ branch directly.

. Old custom ‘fork’ must be deleted and created as NEW to have ALL changes plus the version being reported correctly in the admin panel, afterwards.

I upgraded to 0.41 but 0.40 is still being reported too. My installation is really generic, nothing is custom except for the name. Do you have any ideas on what I could do to fix mine?