[SOLVED] Unmark a message as Spam

If an email gets wrongly put in the Spam folder and gets marked by SpamAssassin as spam, how do I unmark that message?

I can use sa-learn or edit /etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf with a whitelist_from entry?



Last time I tried to figure this out, it seems like sa-learn is automagically invoked every time you move something in or out of the spam folder.

wow, that IS impressive.

OK, I’ll see how I get on.




You might want to double check me on that, because I was attempting to interpret scripts.

No worries, I’ll watch it closely then come back here and comment.

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Any update @plittlefield ?

I have not been able to verify if this works - there seems no way to actually ask SpamAssassin to check if an email address or email is in ‘Spam’.

I am thinking the only way to train it is by hand and edit the local.cf file and run sa-learn by hand.

I look after other email servers and this works, but not sure how MIAB will use local.cf whitelist_from.

Please check.

If you read through the configs for either Dovecot or Spamassassin, there is somewhere it discusses how to automatically invoke sa-learn whenever something is moved in or out of the spam directory. That is where I learned of the feature, which I then reviewed through the configs set by MiaB scripts and determined that this feature is enabled for MiaB.

I began configuring my own mail servers years before MiaB came around and I did a pretty thorough analysis of how MiaB is configured, and ultimately decided it was close enough to my own configuration that I would prefer to save myself the time of administration and use MiaB. I wish I had documented it so I could answer questions like this better.

@openletter well that is good news, thank you for the update.