Solved: Rainloop: How to access their Admin Panel?

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I installed Rainloop on my miab mail server, but I can’t figure out how access the Rainloop admin panel.
very confusing…

Rainloop Installation Instructions
You can also deploy the latest version of the application without a need to deal with zip archive, just run one of the following commands in your terminal:

To access admin panel, use URL of the following kind: http://product_installation_URL/?admin
For example:
Default login is “admin”, password is “12345”.

I just found this earlier post, so I will try it now.

Go to the Owncloud admin page, there is a new option called Rainloop webmail.
Enable Automatically login with ownCloud user credentials
Login into the rainloop admin panel with the user admin and pass 12345
Add your e-mail domains and settings to your liking (change the admin login and password!)
Don’t forget to enable the Carddav server to be able to use your e-mail address book. The settings are done in the users own settings page.
You can now login with your username password at the normal Email app in Owncloud. You might happen to login/logout in owncloud to enable the ‘login with owncloud user credentials’.

I installed Rainloop in /usr/local/lib/rainloop, then followed this changelog to modify /etc/nginx/conf.d/local/conf:

After that, the URL would be https:/EXAMPLE.COM/mail/?admin


Why not use the subdomain?

Sorry, I don’t use subdomains for MiaB, so that isn’t part of the equation for me.

So if you use the default settings, it’d be just as you stated.

updated steps as of 12 July 2017

Step 1: The Setup for /rainloop/v/
cd /usr/local/lib/
curl -sL | php

Step 2: Permissions
find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;
chown -R www-data:www-data .

Step 3: Update 3 Files (I use MobaXterm)
1.) conf/nginx-alldomains.conf (see nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf)
2.) setup/ (or nano /root/mailinabox/setup/
3.) tools/ (create this file from scratch nano /root/mailinabox/tools/

Add the following for each of the three files:

For conf/nginx-alldomains.conf - #1 of 3
nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf
comment out the Roundcube entry with #'s
copy and paste the following into the file

Rainloop Webmail configuration.

rewrite ^/mail$ /mail/ redirect;
rewrite ^/mail/$ /mail/index.php;
location /mail/ {
index index.php;
alias /usr/local/lib/rainloop/;
location ~ /mail/data/.* {
deny all;
location ~ /mail/..php {
# note: ~ has precendence over a regular location block
include fastcgi_params;
fastcgi_split_path_info ^/mail(/.
fastcgi_index index.php;
fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME /usr/local/lib/rainloop/$fastcgi_script_name;
fastcgi_pass php-fpm;

  # Outgoing mail also goes through this endpoint, so increase the maximum
  # file upload limit to match the corresponding Postfix limit.
  client_max_body_size 128M;


For setup/ - #2 of 3
delete the entire contents of the file: rm -r /root/mailinabox/setup/
create a new file: nano /root/mailinabox/setup/
Get the new contents from Replace Roundcube with Rainloop by jvolkenant · Pull Request #883 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub
Control + F to find
Click the View button
Click the Raw button
Click Control + A to select all
Click Control + C to copy the text
Paste the contents into your new file

For tools/ - #3 of 3
create a new file: nano /root/mailinabox/tools/
get the contents for this new file from Replace Roundcube with Rainloop by jvolkenant · Pull Request #883 · mail-in-a-box/mailinabox · GitHub
Control + F to find “tools/”
Click the View button
Click the Raw button
Click Control + A to select all
Control + C for copy
Save the file

Further References:

just a thought from me,

you know modifications are generally not supported by Mail-in-a-Box. If you are a advanced user and you want to run more applications on your server, you could try yunohost. It is a tool to make self hosting easy. It includes a mail server, rainloop, roundcube, nextcloud and much more. It could save you a lot of trouble.

i hope it is ok to post about other projects here :slight_smile:

It looks my above link got mangled a bit. Read on for my steps…

My Step 2 looks more like:
2a) Upload to /tmp
2b) mkdir /usr/local/lib/rainloop
2c) unzip -d /usr/local/lib/rainloop
2d) find /usr/local/lib/rainloop -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;
2e) find /usr/local/lib/rainloop -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;
2f) Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf according to these correct instructions. Be sure to click the topmost link that ends with /files

Then restart nginx. Note that this is an unsupported modification and it’ll break the next time you upgrade MIAB.

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I’m the author of the original post on how to install Rainloop. I’ve been using Rainloop since november last year, and I have never gone back to Roundcube. Contacts, filters, multiple accounts, themes and most importantly for me: it’s a local proxy for external images.

I thought about installing it outside of the MiaB environment as you are doing now, but for compatibility it’s better to keep it in Nextcloud. I must say that having e-mail, calendar, contacts and a possibility for file sharing in a single environment is an advantage for the easy of use of MiaB by other users. Also this doesn’t break after an update.

I haven’t tested the performance penalty for being a plugin to Nextcloud, but the speed is excellent so far on a simple 1 core server with 1GB RAM and SSD storage.

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@dofl I don’t know what Nextcloud is but it looks like a paid service? Are you saying I should only use Rainloop if I have Nextcloud?

Edit /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf according to these correct instructions. Be sure to click the topmost link that ends with /files

@Locker, I don’t understand what this sentence means. I see conversations but no clear instructions such as the steps you outlined above.

Rainloop does not help much in terms of the setup:

nano /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf

I see a Roundcube webmail configuration under

Am I supposed to create a Rainloop webmail configuration under, too?

A better and easier solution would be to host your Rainloop webmail on standard hosting as a subdomain such as

I am not sure I understand what that means. I thought that was what we were doing? If not, what would the steps be for what you are proposing, once I have uploaded Rainloop?

I am using a subdomain; i.e.,

My miab server is specifically used for

Host Rainloop on another server. Altering your MIAB configuration is unsupported and requires an admin to dig into the system to get it working right. By putting Rainloop on a web server rather than your mail server, it greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance process.

Really? That seems pretty complicated to me.

I would then have three servers. One for my website, one for emails, and one for Rainloop.

It also seems like a lot of extra work just to run Rainloop.

If you already have a server for your website, go there and add a second site configured as a webmail subdomain.

@Locker Sure.

But can you please tell me how to install Rainloop on my MIAB?

This thread already outlines two approaches to installing Rainloop on your MIAB server and one approach for installing Rainloop elsewhere. That’s the best we can do for you.

The thread mentions that it is possible to install Rainloop and provides a few steps for the installation.

It doesn’t actually outline all of the steps.

I will email

This just takes me to Roundcube shows


is on version 1.11.1