[SOLVED] Disable Incremental Backup

Looking at the web page of "Backup Status"
there is no option to "disable " Incremental Backup.

Looking inside
I have not found how to “Disable Incremental Backup” :frowning:

My VPS provider offers VPS backup, so I would only benefit from the backup
if I wanted to move to another VPS provider …

You can disable incremental backup.

Go to MAIB admin panel -> System -> Backup Status

Then select "Nowhere (Disable Backups) from the drop list,

But prior to that I would personally set the incremental days to 0 and delete any backups already taking up space.

I presume these basic setting will survive upgrades.

Taking backups of MAIB (in my view) compromises the reasons why it was built (as described in the MAIB Home page) - if as admin you or more likely your host is served a warrant to hand over all your backups of all your users backed up data? Do you have systems/policies in place to protect you from what your users chose to do in their mailbox accounts? It is not only their mailbox but also their contacts, calendars, etc etc…

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