[SOLVED]Custom DNS - "updated DNS: 3rddomain.tld"

I have just happened to notice that since I added few “custom DNS records” few months back, they have not update and still pointing to old IP/CNAMEs but I got the usual “updated DNS: 3rddomain.tld” msg. come up.

I have just now set few more, got the “updated DNS: 3rddomain.tld” msg. but they do not work after few hours since I done it as well.

And it is this domain I have problem updating the DNSSEC as well, so I wonder if this is related to my earlier post “The nameservers set on this domain are incorrect”

How can I troubleshoot the DNS problems?

Is your DNSSEC set with the domain registrar? If so, remove it or confirm that it is set properly.

Just deleted all the “custom DNS records” for the offending domain name and all works as it should again …