[Solved] Access Cloud AND Mailbox from different Subdomains

Hey guys,

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the solution the last time from @just4t worked perfect. But is it possible to have these two redirects without the danger that its going lost on the next update:

Maybe @just4t or @aa6my can helpt. I think the nginx redirect solution would work but we would have the problem with the update. Someone a good solution for that?

Thanks, you are awesome folks!!

Hmm, I feel kinda weird to answer to my own thread. But I solved this “issue” by my own. It was kinda easy, but afterwards it seems always easy.

The steps I did:

  1. Added an email alias in the panel, in my case hostmaster@cloud.domain.com
  2. Changed the directory under the Web tab for cloud.domain.com to /home/user-data/www/cloud.domain.com
  3. Made an index.html with the following content which is from @just4t. I simply replaced mail with cloud in the urls (thanks @just4t) :

With this method you can redirect everything, the 3 redirects I made were:

And as long as these are redirect, there is no problem with the SSL certificate I think.

Maybe this helps someone. Have a great time! :grin:

Just a note here. The connection doesnt seem secure (just for a little bit, not even a second) even tough you will be directly redirected. Maybe its really easier (as @JoshData somewhere mentioned) to use the subfolder like /mail + /cloud. Has someone tried to install the Box on the maindomain and not like like it is suggested on box.domain.com? That would result in better looking links. Could there be any problems? If not I would give this a try tomorrow. Good night! :sleeping:

If you access the page over http:, it’s of course not secure. But if you access it over https:, it will be secure all the way through.

I don’t recommend using the main domain in the setup guide because using a subdomain provides more flexibility with DNS. If you put the box on the main domain, then you cannot use the main domain for anything else (like a real website hosted on another machine).

Hmm, when I’ve enabled strict ssl in my browser the redirect doesnt work and it says that the ‘SSL handshake failed’. But sorry I am just reading a lot at the moment to learn what all that stuff means. Maybe its secure but the certificate is only self signed. Is it that?!

Okay, but except for that, there should not be any draw-backs? And the domain.com would just redirect to the /mail folder. And if I decide later on that I want to change back to a box.domain.com setting I can do that and I just have to follow your Moving to a New Box Guide?

Thanks! Now, finally to bed. :wink:

Btw I’ve send you a private message to please change my username from nate to ndalliard if possible.