So where is this new version?

I have a test instance of MiaB and it shows

✓	Mail-in-a-Box is up to date. You are running version v0.41.

Yet, people are talking about v0.42.

✖ A new version of Mail-in-a-Box is available. You are running version v0.41. The latest version is v0.42. For upgrade instructions, see ...

The MiaB home page says v0.41 but GitHub makes some vague references to v0.42.

So did someone forget to update the web page, AND the new-version check? I don’t get how my v0.41 does not show the new version while @just4t’s did… and yes, new-version check is enabled.


Well yeah … but many people do not use GitHub but rather rely on the Mail-in-a-Box website. And a link to the changelog doesn’t address why some MiaB’s are getting the new version message while others are not.


Then, those ones will need to wait @JoshData will have time to update the version number at website, section (still now):


Current Version
v0.41 / February 26 2019
install start here!
release notes

  • Never had this problem then, I can’t guess why you’re not being warned about.

My System Status Checks page reports:

✓ Mail-in-a-Box is up to date. You are running version v0.41.

I think that I found the answer on GitHub. @joshdata has pulled the update due to an issue with NextCloud.

I wait minimum 2 weeks before installing updates on any project. The odds I’ll get hacked from some new critical vulnerability are negligible compared to the odds I’ll have an issue the devs somehow missed in testing.

I generally agree … I will read the release notes and if the update is in reaction to a security issue, I will upgrade, but usually I won’t upgrade unless there is some other compelling reason to do so.

This is what I see, after upgrading…

Yes! that’s because @JoshData modified this line after officially released v0.42 perhaps, to stop / minimize people to try to upgrade before the told Nextcloud issue will get solved.