SMTP Error (553): Failed to add recipient

I had mail in a box installed for a few months now, works great!

a few days ago, It stopped sending emails.
whenever I try to send any email it just shows this err

Even if I’m using another mail client

  • I tried restarting the server multiple time
  • I updated to the latest version (0.47)
  • I tried to run “sudo mailinabox” no errors were shown in the process

the only thing I noticed is that in the “checked the status page”
few lines are now marked in red

"The IP address of this machine is listed in the Spamhaus Block List (code [timeout]), which may prevent recipients from receiving your email. See"

"This domain is listed in the Spamhaus Domain Block List (code [timeout]), which may prevent recipients from receiving your mail. See and"

I visited to check if my domain or server IP marked as spam, but everything looks fine!

not sure what’s the problem here

From the error message you are sharing, it appears that you are trying to send as a different user than the one logged in without making that user a permitted sender.

As for the spamhouse issue, the log shows that there was a timeout, so you are seeing a false positive.

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Thank you alento for your resound,
really appreciate it.

what I did was I logged into Roundcube
and tried to send email using the same email I just logged with

So I’m not trying to send form different E-mail through Roundcube.
Also, sending emails is not working on any mail client. So …

what I noticed is that when I tried to create a new email account,
it works just fine
it’s the old once that not sending or receiving anything

I did try to delete my email and add it again, but nothing changes.
Still not sending

Would you be willing to share the unedited error image in PM?

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Also, I could give you an email so you can log in and see what’s going on
if it might help :slight_smile:

thanks again

I Tried to share with you what i have but I don’t think it’s an option for me to send you any private messages in this platform,
so kindly let me know what’s the plan here :blush:

I’ll send you a PM which you can respond to. :slight_smile:

Bro did you solve the problem because i have same problem