SMTP error (553): failed to add recipient “” (5.7.1 <>: Sender rejected address: not owned by user

Im getting this error when i try to send a test after settings up mail in a box
Please help me solve this problem

I’m not exactly sure what I’m seeing in that screenshot, but looking at the error, it looks like MiaB server is not allowing you to send because the email’s from address does not belong to (or is not the same as) the email account you’re using to send. I believe this is a basic protection built into the server to prevent someone from forging the “from” address.

If this doesn’t help you resolve the problem, maybe you could provide a bit more information about your setup like, what’s the MiaB account you’re using, what address are you trying to send from, etc.

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I fix it brother but now im getting that im listed in spamhaus how to fix this i still didnt send any mails yet and i got listed on spamhaus after i fixed the problem on screenshot

Brother do you have telegram or WhatsApp i want to text you please

Sorry, I cannot provide private contact info. If you need more help, try the slack channel, or provide more details of the help you need here so others can participate. For example, I’ve never been blocked by spamhaus, so I cannot offer specific help in that area, but I’ve seen others post about it, so I there are probably people here that can offer advice.

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Given that your site looks like a generic front for a spam haven, it’s probably no surprise that you’re now listed on Spamhaus.

The sooner (ab)users like you are blocked, the better for the rest of us who want to use MiaB responsibly.

Harsh? Maybe. But your inability to use punctuation speaks volumes. And I’m all for tuning down the volume! :zipper_mouth_face:

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I respect your reply sir,
But im not using this for any spamming program im just a beginner so obviously i will make mistakes at the begining.
but your are right !! i got listed on spamhaus and i did bought another domaine and server and i did setup correctly and again got listed what cause this ?

You can get listed on Spamhaus for many reasons. Your sending IP address could be listed because it’s flagged as sending spam; it could be part of a netblock of abusive IP addresses; the recipients of your email could have reported you etc, etc.

If you enter your IP address here, you will discover the reason for your listing.

Then you can begin to get yourself unlisted and improve your sender reputation.

Thanks for reply,

Its not the ip sir but the domains, i have two different domains both got listed on spamhaus (DBL).

I still dont know how to delist them but the ips are clean no blacklist or any listing on them.

The same Spamhaus check URL also lets you enter a domain to look up. My guess would be that your TLD is *.store and that is seen as possibly dubious.

To be brutally frank, anything other than *.com, *.org or *.net can be seen as less than trustworthy. This a highly contentious statement but it’s valid.

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Thats what i was thinking also i did a bad choice when i got .store TLD.

I will try get a good domain then for prevent any problems .

Thanks for helping.

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