Sharing contacts in freshly installed v0.44 not working

Hi all,

during the upgrading tasks to Ubuntu 18.04 I probably found a bug in v0.44. When you set up a fresh MIAB installation v0.44 you cannot share contact lists to other local user. Only the user root and the group admins are offered/accepted in the input field.

So I upgraded the existing database step by step from v.26 => v0.40 => v0.41. Until v.41 everything seems to be fine. After the upgrade to v0.42 (Nextcloud 15) the list of offered/accepted users is shrunken.

After restoring to v0.41 (Nextcloud 14) everything works as expected.

So there seems to be a bug in Nextcloud 15 and above or a problem in the user synchronizition between MIAB (admin console) and Nextcloud in the MIAB v0.42 an above.

Anyone else facing this issue?



If you think it is a bug, you may want to post it on the GitHub.