Setup fails with repository gpg timed out

Hi, wanted to move to mailinabox from my current software.

I created a brand new VM hosted on D.O after the dropplet was created i ran following command.

curl -s | sudo -E bash

i tried to run sudo mailinabox again but same issue.

VM specs, 4gb mem, 4 cores 100Gb
iso used: ubuntu 18.04.3-live-server-amd64

i have the A record pointed at the VM ip
i’m using mail.FQDN.TLD

Why is the gpg key timing out ?

Please help.

There is no way for us to know this as it is a Let’s Encrypt issue.

My recommendation would be to leave it for a few hours and then try again, hopefully the issue will be resolved. Adding the certbot PPA is the third thing done that requires a network connection, so I don’t think that you are failing because of no network connection - though it is a possibility.

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