Setup fails with repository gpg timed out 2

Hi my thread got closed here

sorry for the delay, have been busy with work n life.

if possible please merge my threads thx.

Oki so the reason i got error is because i was using openvpn with a public ip, in my ubuntu vm.
And after reading abit in this forums it would seem that i need to open up something in iptables?
I have never used iptables before, could i get some help with how to do this?


Please elaborate. I do not understand what you are trying to say here. How does it relate?

Uhmm, no. Please elaborate on my first question.

Also, did you take my previous advice and simply try again?

so after a lot of trial and error i realize that you cannot do what i want to do… :frowning_face:
this thread can be closed.

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