Setting up Mailinabox to serve Roundcube on a different subdomain

I just got Mailinabox set up for the first time! I’m having some issues though.
I’d rather the mail domain be on https://mail. and not https://box./mail. Any way I could do that?
And no I do not mean a redirect, I mean a full-on change of domains. Can’t be too hard, right?

Do you have any users on it yet?

If yes. You might not want to change it.

If no. - You can re-run the setup and change it during the install of MIAB.

curl -s | sudo bash

When you see your URL remove “box” and add “mail”

No no no. Not what I want.
I want ROUNDCUBE on mail.[domain], not MAILINABOX on mail.[domain] (makes extra navigation needed, aaagh!)
By doing that everything moves :frowning:

Add an email user such as user@mail.domain.tld then issue SSL for that subdomain. You should then be able to access Roundcube at https://mail.domain.tld/mail

Closer to what I want, thank you.
Not completely, though- I want Roundcube to NOT be on the extra navigation. Just mail.[my domain, from now on due to laziness it’s], not
Any way to do that?

Yeah, through the undocumented nginx redirect that I wish someone would be so kind to document!

There are several ways to solve this on this forum …

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