Set DNS entries correctly

The following scenario is present.

hostname is the Proxmox server with IP (the Proxmox was installed on a KVM)
hostname is the mail server (mailinabox) with the IP 185.xx.xx.204 which is a container

My mail server issues the following error message:

Your box’s reverse DNS is currently [Not Set], but it should be Your ISP or cloud provider wants to set up reverse DNS for your box.

Somehow I have now lost the overview and need help.

I would like to have that.

DNS entries for the Proxmox should be adjustable via my domain provider (namecheap). And the Proxmox server should be reachable at the URL

DNS entries for the mail server are created and managed by the mail server itself. How should I proceed now to do that?

Contact your ISP - Only they can set the PTR for you.

thanks, after rdns was set everything works again.

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