Services are not running


since a few days some services are not running. I’m not able to open Roundcube, but it’s possible to open the admin interface. After a reboot of the server everything is working, but since 3 days I have to reboot each day. In which log I can look what’s the reason for the shutdown of these services?

I still have to reboot my MIAB server everyday. Does anybody has a hint what I can do or in which logfile I can look to find the reason for this?

You can start looking at the logs under /var/log
Seeing so many services not reachable might point to a firewall issue. Did you confirm that the services are actually not running? Or are you basing that on the red remarks in the system status checks?
You seem to have enabled password based login, might be unwise from a security point of view.
Can you tell a little about where/how you deployed this?

No, e-mail isn’t working and also Roundcube isn’t working. Then I check the admin interface, see all those red remarks and reboot the server by login in with putty.

I have an VPS 300 from Contabo (Virtual Private Servers with Big HDD Storage & SSD Boost | Contabo) and Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS installed. Everything is up to date. Maybe the sever has too little ressources (2 Cores, 4 GB RAM).

The Ubuntu server can be automatically installed by Contabo webinterface, then I deployed MIAB by the following command:
curl -s | sudo -E bash

I know where the logs are, but there are many logs and I don’t know which log is the right one.

This morning was the first in this week I don’t had to reboot.

This looks to me like a problem with the ISP.

My approach is to just start looking until you find something out of the ordinary. Of course, if you are not familiar with what is ordinary or not, then it is hard to know what you’re looking for. If you’d be interested in allowing me SSH access to poke around, let me know.

Based on what?

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