Separate one domain to an instance of its own (topic migration)

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i have a MiaB instance serving several domains but i want to separate one domain to an instance of its own. I want to migrate all the user settings if possible. Any ideas to realize that effectively?

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One safe way is to simply clone your MIAB(most provider should allow you to do this), run the ./mailinabox in the new instance (to update the IP address of the mailbox), then delete all the unwanted domains/email accounts. Of course, you also need to update the DNS of the domain you want, to point to this new instance (ip address).

Deleting of the unwanted email address can be done last, since other domains won’t be affected unless DNS is being pointed over to this new instance.

Mails maybe lost during the transition. I would recommend you to set up the box, get the new Ip address, update the DNS to the new IP address (during this time emails cannot be received), then run ./mailinabox . Once the box is properly set up, redelivery of the mails will reach the new instance, and you can avoid losing mails.

Thx, that’s the way i am going to migrate if there is no way to extract only one domain from backup.

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Well you could always fire up a new box, move your /home/user-data files for that specific domain. Update DNS to point to that domain. Ensure that all the accounts at are listed etc, repair it by running sudo mailinabox and maybe a few more steps.

Thx for your help. I restored from the backup and deleted the non relevant accounts and it works after all. So a backup test was successful aswell. :slight_smile: Kind regards, Maurice

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