Security Settings bulit in Mailinabox


I wanted to ask about the security settings built in mailinabox. I currently have mailinabox running correctly for about a year and with no problems. Great solution btw

In the admin panel, I could not find any security settings, for example, if someone is trying to brute force into an email account, I did not find any settings to notify, or lock account or etc.

any plans to add these features in the admin panel? or is there a command to see the failed logins for each user?

For brute force detection you should configure fail2ban to notify via email. That is not a feature at this time (AFAIK)

There aren’t any plans to add any new features to Mail-in-a-Box. At this point we’re just trying to keep things working and stable.

I added something to munin to record how many fail2bans occurring during the day.fails

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