Secondary DNS and second domain


I’m having trouble setting up my second domain in my miab.

I have a main “.email” as my main domain for my box and want to add a second domain “.de”

I tried to follow the guide here: Mail-in-a-Box Maintenance Guide

When I try to set the nameservers for the second domain like in the first domain


it fails because the nameservers point to the same IP and that seems to be not allowed for my second domain.

So I tried to follow the Guide to set up a secondary DNS:

Because if I understood it right, I have to set the second nameserver to´ and for some magically reason it will work?

But when I add my second domain and the IP from my box, I get the error

  • Unable to axfr that domain from that IP.

I have set the secondary nameserver in my box admin panel to`

I’m kind of new to all that topic, so maybe I’m just missing something very simple?

Did you add an email address to MIAB for the second domain?

Not quite clear where you are seeing an error. On you registrar’s setup page or somewhere else?

So far I didn’t add an email for the second domain. I thought I have to setup the nameserver and DNS stuff first.

When I try to change the nameservers for my .de domain it fails. The support said its because both nameservers point to the same IP.

So I tried to create a secondary DNS on

When I add my domain there and the IP of my box, I get the error “Unable to axfr that domain from that IP”

I have no idea what that means. :thinking:

Not sure quite what is going on. Some questions.

Was the first domain working alright before you started this?

Is that first domain with the same registrar?

Does the registrar’s system insist you have two name server records?

I recently had this same question, and it is the case that some registrars require name servers to have two different IP addresses.

You have to have the second domain on the MiaB before you do this step. So add an email account for the second domain, and try again with Puck.

What is happening is that Puck is asking your MiaB for the records for the domain, and the MiaB is responding “I don’t have that domain to share with you.”


The .de TLD requires name servers to be on separate IP addresses. Hence the need for Secondary DNS in this OP’s case.


Woha, that worked.

I have added an email user with the second domain and was able to set everything in Puck then.

The status page showed me what else is todo and now everything on the statuspage is green and working. :partying_face:

I hope I haven’t simply overlooked this fact that I have to add an email user first. :sweat_smile:

Thanks alot for the quick help. :smiley:

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