Rsync Error Backup


i just moved my mail in a box installation to a new server. After that i configured rsync backup successfully. It worked one day and made one full backup.

Today i changed this file: /mailinabox/management/ because of this issue

After that i visited my Backup Status page which shows me “Error. Something went wrong, sorry”.
I don´t know why. Is there any chance to look at any logs to have a look whats going wrong?

That file should be unrelated. Can you run the backup manually from the command line? That should show some more info.

I think found the problem. My files in the folder .ssh are named: and id_rsa instead of id_rsa_miab Is it possible to generate them via mail in a box or is it okay to rename them?

miab generates it’s own keys. You can use your own if you like. All that matters is that the destination accepts the key

Okay got it. Thank you :slight_smile: