Roundcubemail - vacancy >problem<

Roundcubemail - holiday message

I installed the v0.26c version that has been in production for a few months.

If I create a new filter, for incoming mail, with “all messages”

Which performs the following action:

Reply with the message (fill in all the fields: Message body, Message subject, Sender reply address, my email address :slight_smile:

It only works for domains in localhost, but not for “external” domains.

While if I use the action, “Forward the message to”, it always works.

How can I solve?

Can anyone tell me if it works?

Hi Massimo,

Unfortunately, I think that your original message is not too clear. Tell me if I understand it correctly.

You have created a filter in roundcube to send a ‘vacation’ message but it only sends a reply message to domains which are located within MaiB, but not in reply to emails received from other email providers? Do I understand correctly?

Would you please be more specific with the comment:

I did a test, and set up a vacation filter and it worked fine sending a vacation reply to an incoming message from an email account on one of my local domains as well as an incoming email message from a account. So, I can only suggest that you double check to be certain that the filter was set up correctly, and was enabled.