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Hi there, I’d like to ask if there are any news about the following topic (unfortunately it’s impossible to reply as it was closed):

I really would love to see any mobile theme for roundcube. I know that you can setup a mail client for better usability, but sometimes I need to use the webUI and then it’s a pain if you’d open a mail on an iPhone.

If there is an option to install a mobile theme for roundcube myself, I’d appreciate if somebody could help me with that.

Your best bet may to open a request on GitHub. I suspect adding a skin may require changing a config file somewhere will be overwritten on every update of MiaB.

Another option may be to use a different server to host a webmail interface of some sort that uses IMAP to the MiaB server.

I’ve done a small research and I guess there are good news. Roundcube v1.4 should be shipped with the Elastic skin, which will replace the Classic skin in the near future.

So hopefully the final release won’t take too long and we will get that upgrade soon, too.

The one time I tested that theme in my browser, it didn’t scale with the browser size as most mobile-friendly themes do.

Maybe it was the older Beta version? As far as I can see, in that Beta you had to install a mobile plugin separately: . Even in the first RC Elastic was not production ready: . RC2 is the latest available version now: and the final release is hopefully ready until the end of November:

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There is now 1.4 RC2, see
It sounds close to final release.

I think a lot of MinaB as well as me need a mobile version of Roundcube. Is it on the radar for the maintainers?

Yeah we’ll update to 1.4 when it’s no longer a release candidate.

Roundcube 1.4.1 is now out of beta, released 22 Nov 19. See

And here it’s 24 Nov 19 already and I still don’t see it in MiaB. Wattup, yo?

Yo. If you want to see it faster, you can help out by tracking the developments on github, testing out new changes before they are released, or helping to triage other issues so that other maintainers can focus on more urgent issues!

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