Roundcube Mobile Friendly Theme

Was wondering if it would be possible to change the default Larry theme to one that is mobile friendly / responsive… or is there a solution for this already?

I’m a web developer. Thinking to just make my own based on Larry…

PS. I totally get the “not customizable” simplicity of MiaB. However, would be nice to at least be able to have a custom theme or a theme that would not be overwritten by update. What if a user could modify a theme and name it say larry-custom, then the installer/updater script could just skip over it so as to not erase it. Would that be hard?

In any case, it’s 2018. Need to have a mobile friendly theme.

We could switch to any theme that’s well maintained and has a user base besides Mail-in-a-Box.

the issue is that not all themes work with our version of roundcube and not all roundcube versions in the future will support more than the default theme. It will be tough.

@JoshData - Actually it looks like a new theme is underway in the latest commit in master for roundcube: (Which is merged with roundcube).

I wouldn’t mind reworking Larry and eventually update its look to something more in line with current design patterns. I would be happy to share with the group…

But the fact that any changes I make will be overwritten unless I do some backflips, is frankly discouraging and unnecessary. It’s not simplicity, it’s unnecessarily limiting.

I hope the author reconsiders his stance. You don’t have to give people options to configure, but you should not impede it needlessly also.

Ok i’m sorry but i don’t actually get the point to use a browser instead of a mail-app with your MIaB accounts on mobile devices…

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My goal is obviously not to impede. You are welcome to submit a pull request on the github repository to make the project better. But keep in mind that better does not solely mean having more features. There are other factors to consider, including maintainability.

Exactly. Using any mobile client is going to be faster and lighter than loading up a web page, no matter how streamlined.

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