Roundcube: line 102: error: number of redirect actions exceeds policy limit (5 > 4)

I need to forward (send copy of) incoming emails to multiple box users.
How can I override this limit, in a way that will not be reverted with updates?

You may need to find a more efficient method of obtaining your goal.

What is your goal specifically and what are you doing to cause that error message?

Thank you for the answer.

I have 5 employees that need to receive the emails sent to info@mycompany
so I created a rule in roundcube to send a copy to them.

Also, some of them have rules in their roundcube to send copy to their personal gmail account.

No, don’t do it the way you are … instead …

In the MiaB admin area add an alias for info@domain.tld and have the recipients be info@domain.tld and the 5 users. Be sure that you are only forwarding in this way to email addresses served by your MIaB.

The users can have their roundcube filters remain as they are. Though there are much more efficient and reliable methods available since Gmail rejects so much forwarded email.

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