Restore Emails from previous server to new server

I did upgrade to v.40 and had issues with DNS. I then installed a new mailinabox from scratch on new IP address and created everything again manually. (Users, Aliases, and Custom DNS)

Everything is now working.

But I have all my email history in the previous server.

What is the best way to get my old emails in the new server for each mailbox?

I found /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/(domain)/(mailbox) but not sure if I need to copy all files or just copy cur, new, tmp files in the same directory in NEW server.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Please see the documentation next time bud :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.

I did follow the instructions for upgrade and everything seemed to be working until I discovered that custom DNS was not working and all my A records where not routing correctly. I tried to delete them and recreate but nothing fixed my issue.

I then opted for creating a new box and manually creating the mailboxes, alias, and custom dns.

Right now I want to restore the emails only and not any other settings to the new box. The procedure in the link provided would restore and overwrite custom DNS settings and I do not want to touch that.

Did you upgrade and then re-run backups and then restore as the instructions stated? It’s strange that the restore did not work.

Either way, for transferring of mailboxes I recommend imapsync or using rsync + ssh.

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Thanks alot. imapsync online is working very well.

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