[Resolved] /admin is unacessible (404 error)

I’m using mailinabox for almost 1 year, and I didn’t used the web interface for months. I wanted to add a new DNS record and I just saw that I’m not able to access to /admin page, nginx send me a 404 error.
The /mail works.
As far as I remember it is the only things installed on the server, and I didn’t do any modifications outside the tutorial guide.

Edit some more tests:

  • nginx config files are where they should be
  • I tried to restart nginx without sucess
  • sudo management/status_checks.py is ok except my version is outofdate
  • I can get the admin panel from localhost with wget -O -

Resolved. I had to go to box.domainname.tld/admin instead of domainname.tld/admin …