[RESOLVED] Admin Daemon only works when connected to the server via SSH or SFTP

Discovered that my Admin Daemon kept crashing (what I believed was the issue at the time) and periodically jumped on via SSH to restart the daemon by running the restart command.

I believed this to be working. However, I got tired of this and set up a cron job. As I had left SSH open and connected I believe this to be working (periodically restarting the daemon to keep it up and running)

However, I just found out that, unless I am connected to the server via SSH or SFTP, the admin daemon does not work/load.

I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue and knew a way to fix it?


Did you encrypt your home directory on the Ubuntu install?

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I normally don’t because I set up a generic user to log in with, but maybe I accidently did.

Thanks, unencrypted home drive and everything seems fine now. Much appreciated!

Great! Glad to hear that resolved it. :slight_smile: