Replacing DNS in MiAB

Hello everybody,

im actually running MiaB fine on ubuntu 64b 18.04 on a VPS, using basic “” and “” dns server locally on the box(according to the setup guide)

I want to replace those names with my OVH DNS Servers. What i have to do ? Only changing names in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts ? Do i have any others parameters to change ?

You do NOTHING internally on the box at all. Especially what you have proposed as neither of those files are related to DNS.

What you do however is to change the name servers for your domain with your registrar from ns1. and to the assigned OVH DNS server info.
You will then need to copy all the records applicable to your domain from the admin area External DNS page to your new DNS provider. If you have a website running on a different server, be sure to use the appropriate IP address as MiaB assumes that any website you are hosting is on the MiaB server itself.