Renew certificates?


I would like to check if my certificates will automagically renew in my changed environment (new fiber line, new router, new IP addresses etc)

Is there a way I can force that with one of my lesser used domains, without waiting for the expiration date? (I tried 'Replace Certificate, but that does not do what I want…)


If someone doesn’t answer here, maybe post in slack, but what you want to do is force certbot to update a cert, but MiaB sometimes does thing differently than I am used to, so I’m not sure what command is a good idea to run.

Is there anything in status checks to suggest you may have some problems?

No, everything is signed and valid and I managed to get all of my ✓’s green, but I seem to remember that a couple of years ago I had a network issue involving IPv6 and LetsEncrypt that reared its ugly head only when renewing, so I was hoping to prevent that.


SSL Certificates are renewed 14 days before expiration … so if you have any that are valid for less than 14 days, check them. You can look at the list of SSL certificates and find when the next is to renew to confirm that it renews timely. That should give you at least 10 days to figure out the solution to any problems.

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