Removing bad CNAME entries


I made a mistake when entering some CNAME entries in that I failed to put in the trailing . at the end.
As a result these entries are now stuck as being visible on the admin panel and cannot be deleted.

How can I manually correct this issue?

Thanks in advance.


Can anybody help with this?

Manually edit the zone files in /etc/nsd/

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I tried this but here’s what happened.

  1. Initially a did a DIG command and got the expected NXDOMAIN error.
  2. After a while the entries were automatically re-added.

This suggests to me that there is an additional storage location that’s used to keep the Zone files up to date.
It would certainly fit with Josh’s ethos of making MIAB hard to break for any length of time.

So my question would be - how do I make my changes stick?


Custom DNS records are stored in:



Hi Josh

Thanks for that.

I updated the YAML file to include the required . on the end of the CNAME then I rebooted the server for good measure.

Once it was back up I logged in to the admin panel and was able to successfully remove all the CNAME entries using the admin panel.

A check on the Zone files shows that they’ve also updated correctly.

Thanks All

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