Removed all domain alias and no longer can receive emails from that domain to primary domain

I’m new to mailinabox and am impressed at how easy it has been to set-up. However, I think I may of broken something. My primary email address is working fine and I was going to migrate another domain (referred to as Domain-bad from now on) to miab and started the process by adding an all domain forward alias to the primary domain. However, I changed my mind and deleted the all domain alias (the domain in question no longer shows in the system status view) but now whenever I email the primary domain from domain-bad, no emails are received. I have been using lnav to monitor mail.log and I can see emails arriving from other domains but not for domain-bad, there is absolutely no mention of it in the mail.log. It’s like it’s not even reaching the mail server. To clarify, I can send emails from domain-bad to other email accounts (gmail, work account …) but any email sent to the primary domain of my miab does not arrive. The log file on domain-bad shows the messages as being accepted. Any ideas?

I’ve fixed the problem. Nothing to do with miab but the primary domain used for miab was still set-up as an add-on domain in cpanel under Domain-bad. So all Domain-bad was doing was delivering email to the primary domain to it’s local mailbox rather than sending it out to the miab server.

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