Remove MiaB's DNS settings

is there any way to remove MiaB’s DNS settings when using

  • external DNS
  • local DNS resolver unbound


What do you mean with this?

I take it this is a modified (meaning basically unsupported) mail in a box installation?

Actually this is a modification in MiaB’s software stack, means the DNS solution deployed by MiaB will be replaced.
There are technical reasons for this modification:

  1. Many hosting providers serving DNS demand 2 DNS servers with 2 different IPs. MiaB is providing 2 DNS servers with the same IP
  2. Rspamd demands a local DNS and recommends Unbound

Of course it is cool that you want to fiddle with your box. I myself have done this plenty and learned a lot from that. But this must be clear to other people as there can be (unexpected) consequences. I would also expect a little more effort if you’re really hacking the MiaB configuration. So:

  • what do you mean with “remove MiaB’s DNS settings”
  • what problem are you trying to fix?
  • what did you already try?

Some sidenotes:

MiaB provides support for secondary dns to help you with this. No need to use External DNS

MiaB already provides a local DNS resolver, bind9. Is rspamd not working with that?

I guess Rspamd would work with Bind9, too.
However I prefer Unbound for reasons like size and security.

Could you please share some more details on this.

My understanding is that MiaB deploys 2 NS in the same MiaB server.
I cannot enter these 2 NS with my DNS provider (netcup) because 2 different IPs are required for 2 different NS.
Therefore I maintained all DNS entries manually.

MiaB is working with my current setup with 1 exception:

rndc: connect failed: connection refused

Which service is listening on port 953?

You should a different NS to ensure redundency. Either a service like or an equivalent from your hosting provider

It is correct that MiaB sets up a single dns server that is reachable through multiple dns entries. As you note, this is not good enough for some top level domains, where a requirement exists to have at least 2 different name servers.
The Secondary DNS functionality supports this by enabling external slave dns servers to act as a nameserver for MiaB. The DNS configuration is then synced to these secondary servers. You can provide the secondary servers as nameservers to your domain registrar.

See here for a better explanation and tutorial Setting up Secondary DNS for Mail-in-a-Box

I think port 953 is used by named (bind9)

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Every domain that you wish to be served by needs to be added to your account there.

Records will be transferred automatically.