Failed attempt at multiple domains

When I set to my secondary, it broke a few things; aka I started getting errors about nameservers etc.

When I add my main domain, do I also need to add all my secondary domains? Additionally, do I need to add all the records they contain manually or is it automatic?

I only have one domain but I assume you need to set it up for every domain.

For every domain you need to add it to and add to the domain configuration as a 2nd nameserver. The only step you do not repeat is the MiaB setup.

Keep in mind that changes need time to populate.

I followed the guide to the T and it worked without an issue.

Actually. For every domain you need to add it to’s dashboard as a domain being served. But you do not need to add it to anything else within MiaB. You do need to add as one of the name servers (along with your at your registrar though. @spencer

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Can I add it as the secondary and then add as a third?

No. When you add the secondary on the custom DNS page, MiaB removes completely.

Attempting to add it back, gives unpredictible results. Been there, tried that.

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