References to old domain after reconfiguring miab

To warm up my IP and to smoothen the migration I setup my miab with domainmail.tld already last year.
The box was created using domainemail.tld and was accessible on box.domailemail.tld. I added a 2nd domain domain.tld, created the mailbox and transferred the emails from the current provider to miab in anticipation of transferring my domain. As I now successfully transferred domain.tld to my new registrar I don’t need domainemail.tld anymore as it was only used for setting up the box and testing. I changed all setting (hostname, reverse dns, glue records and domain servers,…) so everything going to domain to tld. However after reconfiguring miab I still:

  • a section on status for box.domainemail.tld
  • old certificates for box.domainemail.tld,

I removed all user for domainemail.tld but that did not fix anything. How can I remove these old entries?


Which command did you run to reconfigure MiaB?

I followed the guide on github to install so i reran

sudo setup/

I installed MiaB on a local proxmox VM using domain.tld and restored my backup. The same problem presented itself after the restore was complete: box.domainmail.tld became visible on the admin page while it was not there after the initial install.

SOLUTION: Seems I had an alias referring to the old domainemail.tld still active. After I removed this the domainemail.tld references were cleaned up.
Some times the solution is just in front of you :laughing:

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