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I know various components all have their own configuration - and I understand the need to provide MIAB to serve as many folks as possible without breaking it for everybody. I’m not asking for someone to change MIAB (this is such a great product!) , but I have the need to disable TLSv1,TLSv1.1 from all components of Mailinabox. In searching around on the forum, it seems that there are multiple places where this can be done. Is there a list of all the locations/components/conf files that use TLS entries?

The best place to start is the architecture diagram so you have a complete list of exposed services:

and the setup scripts which set everything up

I believe TLSv1 and 1.1 are disabled already everywhere in the current version of Mail-in-a-Box, except for incoming email from other mail servers where it might have an adverse impact on the ability to receive mail, and where encryption is optional anyway.

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Thanks very much for the information!

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