Recovery / Roll back

Just checking what the option would be to roll back the MIB server to recover a deleted task item.

-Would the action be to restore backups up and till the date of deletion,
-Copy the deleted task data then perform latest restore, to bring back to today?

I can see the item date of ToDo deletion in the Nextcloud activity and have full and incremental backups ,
there is no undo option there.

thanks in advance.

You could just take the backup, decompress it on your computer (You will need the passkey for the encrypted files) and then grab the data you need off of it.

Hi, thanks, that sounds promising.
Would the passkey mentioned be the secret_key.txt file?
Decrypted using gnupg tools?


Backups use duplicity, but I believe it is using GNUPG as it’s encryption method. @JoshData would know for sure.