Rebooting MIAB Stops Outlook for iPhone

Hi everyone,

A very happy MIAB user here, in all ways but one (well…two, but I’ll get around to the second one down the track). When I reboot my MIAB server, my partner’s iPhone, which is connecting to MIAB via the Outlook app, stops syncing. I cannot find any way to get it back alive other than by deleting the account in the app, and adding the account again.

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

Running 0.52, purely vanilla. No changes to the default config at all.

Many thanks,

Not sure why that would be but activesync methods are handled by z-push. You might be able to diagnose something from there.

On the MIAB console this command will tell you the devices syncing and when they last synced:

z-push-admin -a lastsync

z-push-admin has many other options available to help.

Overall, depending on the device and outlook version things can be hit and miss I’m afraid.

Thank you for that - I will investigate. I didn’t even think to check z-push troubleshooting. Much appreciated!