Really in a bind - box stopped working

So I’ve been stuck on this for two days and basically, all of our email is offline. It started with an expired cert which happened on Box A. No matter what I did I couldn’t renew, so no one could get mail on their phones because there’s no way to override anything. I tried to renew via the command line and there was a syntax error for which I opened a Github issue.

Next, I set up a new VM and transferred all of our user-data. That new box could not receive email at all. I have no idea what the issue could have been but the public_ip was set correctly, the firewall rules were actually cloned with the only thing changing being the IP of the VM, and I was able to send email, but nothing ever came back. In addition, I had the same SSL errors on that box as I did on the first one, despite it being .26c and a completely fresh install.

So, we reverted to the old machine with the expired cert, but RoundCube is totally broken, emails are intermittent (some arrive, some don’t) and we cannot renew our cert.

I don’t know what happened to this thing but if anyone knows of something I might try, we’ve been without email for two days and I’m stressed and tired of working on this. Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.

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A huge thanks to Josh for helping us get out of this. Above and beyond.