Re: [caution spoofing]


I’m new to mailinabox and I’ve really enjoyed the experience last three weeks for my personal and professional use. I’ve been able to get my Digital Ocean provided IP address off several blacklists, including Proofpoint.

One of the areas that has stumped me is that I had emailed a company through a contact form on their website. In their response, I see the subject line included [CAUTION SPOOFING] which carried over from the first email that landed in their inbox.

What can I do to prevent this in the future. I want my email setup to professional and seamless. What information would I need to provide this community to help remediate?


Not send messages through improperly configured contact forms. Of course, you have no way of knowing in advance.

I am speculating here, but with good reason to based on my experience, that they are sending the contact forms to their inbox via email spoofing your email address that you entered on the contact form. Which is really not the way it should be done, but some people are stuck in doing things the way that they were years ago.

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Thank you, alento.

I guess I can see that. I’ve had experience with some of the common WordPress contact forms and it would make sense that the email address is just a variable.

Although I can indeed see that as a possibility, is there anything else on my end that I can do to ensure my emails is presented as securely as possible? So far, this is the first time I’ve encountered this in my first three weeks with MiaB.