Randomly can no longer resolve host or Public IP

Hello, I’ve been using mailinabox for several years and its been great. But the past few days I started to get some weird errors on CalDAV/Contacts Cync so I decided to check my admin page.

Basically 80% of it is red. These are all items involving access the the server via IP/Hostname.
An example:
“SSH Login (ssh) is running but is not publicly accessible at BOXIP:22.”
As I’m clearly connected via SSH publicly. This error shows for all of the publicly exposed ports even though email and ssh is working fine.
I also get a lot of “The domain currently resolves to [timeout] in public DNS” in some entries.
But my box handles DNS, and all of the domains I have it configured for work fine with prpper DNS records externally.

I can still send emails, and receive them, but roundcube no longer works, and my host is throwing me “mail.domain.io: Temporary failure in name resolution”
I thought this could be a DNS Issue, so I attempted to ping the host internally, and got the same error, but saw it was pinging the correct IP Address.
I then Issued “ip a”, saw my public IP address on the enp0s3 interface, and attempted to ping it, and nothing. I tried pinging the 2 ipv6 addresses listed there, and also get nothing back but the default gateway for the ipv4 is coming back fine on the ping. Traceroute fails without a single hop to the public IP.

I don’t understand how my box is failing to ping it’s own public IP, even thought it’s very clearly listed on the “ip a” interfaces, and can be accessd fine externally while nothing has changed.

What I’ve tried:
Updating mailinabox
Checking nameserver records on namecheap to make sure my box is still configured to handle DNS.
Re-inputting the reverse DNS records within linode, checking to make sure the IP hasn’t changed.

TLDR: My email is working fine for send/receive. Records lookup reveals no issues, but status page is 80% errors, the box can’t ping it’s own IP address, and roundcube times out on load, and any attempt to ping the boxs domain or ip itself internally comes up with ““mail.domain.io: Temporary failure in name resolution””

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