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let’s say I have the following situation: Domain is hosted at provider A, but my MIAB Server is at provider B. At A I configured the NS for the Domain to B, but A still should host the website (only the website). I would create two DNS records on MIAB for @ and www with the IP of provider A.

Is that correct and would it work, especially would Let’s Encrypt work on both sites, at provider A and also on MIAB?

What if MIAB isn’t working? Is then the website offline?

When you say ‘domain’ I am going to interpret that as ‘web site’ for this reply as I think that is what you actually mean. Please feel free to correct me if I am incorrect.

First off if you have a web presence outside of MiaB you’ll want to determine who should actually host DNS services for your domain. If it is mission critical, I would strongly suggest that you do one of the following: Either use MiaB for DNS and set up Secondary DNS or use External DNS with either your registrar, web host, or a third party such as Cloudflare. The point I want to make here is that MiaB DNS on it’s own is not sufficient if you have a web site hosted elsewhere.

Now as to the answer for your question … yes, you will want to create both A/AAAA records for the domain and www subdomain (If you are using it) on the Custom DNS page of MiaB with the IP of provider A (where the web site is hosted).

Yes, as LE would be able to find each one based on DNS. Issuing certificates for box.domain.tld would happen normally on your MiaB server and for www.domain.tld and domain.tld would happen normally on your web server. When you enter A/AAAA records in the Custom DNS area, you are telling MiaB that it is NOT hosting a website for your domain locally and configures itself correctly on that basis.

Yep … unless you heed my advice and establish Secondary DNS. I feel so strongly on this that I wrote an article on the subject with instructions on how to set it up.

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Your assumption was right, I meant web site instead of domain. I ask for a friend, because my MIAB is just for e-mail, but he need both. And I find MIAB much better if it does his DNS settings automatically, because when I started with MIAB, I made every DNS setting at the domain provider manually. But later I just changed the NS and since it works perfect.

So thank you for your detailed answer, now I know how to do it.

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