Problem with some domain housekeeping

About a year ago I set up a domain to test something for work. I purchased it on NameCheap and set DNS up on my MIAB.

The thing I was testing worked well. It worked so well in fact that telling a company of 1000+ people to stop using and start using something else was too much effort so I decided to transfer the domain to my employer. Did this, moved the domain, set up the DNS - everything now works fine.

But when I try and delete and a few others from MIAB I get “ is not a domain name or a subdomain of a domain name managed by this box.”

Well yeah - I know. That’s why I’m trying to delete it.

How do I complete this bit of housekeeping?



Have you tried configuring an email address for the domain in question, then do all the stuffs and delete the email address after?

I hadn’t tried that because it’s not obvious :slight_smile: But it worked - thanks.

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This has come up before in different context, and yes it definitely is not obvious that this is the intended usage.

Maybe at some point someone will submit a PR to update the guides.