Postgrey and 0 space error

Hi there
I have the following two error messages

Postgrey is not running (port 10023).
The disk has 0.00 GB space remaining.

I have tried restarting Postgrey in Ubuntu which generates the following response

  • Starting postfix greylisting daemon postgrey Pid_file “/var/run/” already exists. Overwriting!
    [ OK ]

My server console on my VPS providers site and checking the disk usage in Ubuntu both report 3.45 GB of 60 GB Used / 56.55 GB Free.

I have rebooted the server and re-installed V 30 with the curl script.

But the problem remains.

My MIAB box is v30 running on Ubuntu 14.04.

I dont know what to try now.

Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The dashboard on your VPS provider is probably not taking into account some disk space is used for swap. run “sudo apt-cache clear” to reclaim some space. Then restart your VPS and login and delete emails you dont need / nextcloud stuff you synced but dont use.

Or increase space for your VPS.

If money is an issue then move to One of their smallest dedicated server plans has 2TB disk space.

Hi there
apologies for the delay in replying. I haven’t been able to get back to this forum until now. The small matters of sleep and work got in the way, Thanks so much for your help. You have at least got me going. Your suggested command didn’t work but I searched for similar and used “apt-get clean” which did work.

Postgrey is now working but in the MIAB System Status checks, my space is reporting “The disk has 4.28 GB space remaining”

The command “df -h” on the server shows the following -

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/simfs 60G 3.2G 3.6G 48% /
none 768M 4.0K 768M 1% /dev
none 4.0K 0 4.0K 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
none 154M 1.1M 153M 1% /run
none 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
none 768M 16K 768M 1% /run/shm
none 100M 0 100M 0% /run/user

It shows that used space is limited but so also is available space. I dont understand what is the problem or what to do about it.

On the positive side I have email again but potentially for a limited time as the available space seems small compared to the size of the used space and the disk.

Again any help would be appreciated and thanks again for the help so far.

this line does not make sense, what is taking up that space?

Thanks for the reply again.

I use Linux all the time but I am not a confident user, so it doesn’t make sense to me either. This is a standard MIAB installation where I am running email for 4 accounts, It is just standard email, I do not use the calendar as yet or any other of the nextcloud features.

I have had warning messages before from MIAB about space running out . But it has never halted the system before and the next time I log on the warning has gone and there has been a much more realistic space allocation with plenty of free space.
One example would be

system – Previously:

:heavy_multiplication_x: The disk has less than 15% free space.

System – Currently:

? The disk has less than 30% free space.

But no user action has taken place in between the two statements. So it is unclear what has changed.

The size of my main mailboxes are modest. I download my email via Imap into Thunderbird. The size of the folder holding the inbox on Thunderbird for the main account is 260 mb and the second biggest is 48 Mb.

So I am not sure what is happening or how to progress the problem.

Thanks again for responding.

A question if I may … possibly irrelevant, but just curious. Who is the VPS provider? and what type of virtualization is the VPS? OpenVZ or KVM? Also, which plan specifically - I am curious how much disk space is included in the plan (not what df says)

On every VPS that I have set up using Ubuntu, the storage shows as /dev/sda#

I suspect that you may be using a OpenVZ container and that the provider is overselling. You may need to change providers. Also, is there any reason that you haven’t upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04? Perhaps your provider doesn’t offer it yet?

Hi there

Thanks for your response.
Yes I was wondering about this too.

The VPS provider is N3Servers, it is a cheap solution. It is OpenVZ, My plan is a 60Gb Disk with 1.5 gb Ram.

I haven’t upgraded to Ubuntu 18 because the VPS uses SolusVM and they have not provided a Ubuntu 18 template yet. The highest they do is Ubuntu 16, I have asked but been told that it is not available.

Thanks for your interest.

This is who I host with:

Check out the dedicated server plans - might be better suited for you.

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Yes, I can only recommend that you use a different provider. OpenVZ 6 cannot support Ubuntu 16 as it uses an old linux kernal. OpenVZ 7 is being rolled out by providers very slowly. Personally I have had nothing but issues when trying to install on most VPS using OpenVZ, so I suggest avoiding it completely.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, I can recommend BuyVM’s ‘Slice 1024’ along with their storage ‘Slab’ which is available in increments of 256gb. Cost for the lowest option is $4.75/mo Sadly their service is very popular so it may be out of stock. :frowning: Though I must say that I am impressed by the offers that Kimsufi have. Thanks for that link @murgero

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The plan I have is:

That is:

  • 32GB RAM
  • 2TB Drive space (2x2TB set in a RAID so one of the drives holds a backup of the other for failover)
  • 4 core, 8 thread (effectively an 8 core CPU)
  • Class B IP.

What do I use this beefy cheap server for? I use it for Which literally hosts my whole infrastructure now:

  • Multiple websites
  • Email for those websites
  • Nextcloud
  • SOGo Webmail (for contact, cal, email, and ActiveSync)
  • Libredocs for Nextcloud (Google Docs replacement)
  • Advanced web based IDE for web developement
  • Gitlab and Gitea services (for private git projects)
  • Bookstack
  • A matrix server with Riot Web UI (XMPP replacement, decentralized instant messaging essentially)

All of the above is done in 19 Virtual Machines(Technically containers, but one in the same in THIS use case) via Docker (using container.d)

With plenty of resources leftover for growth, or other applications.

Thanks very much for all the input. I appreciate it. The motto seems to be you get what you pay for.

I will have a look at the sites you recommend.

Thanks again,