Port 25 Communication on AWS EC2 Instance

I followed this guide as we are using this service with MiaB…

Everything is solid except port 25 is being blocked in and outbound. Anyone have a similar experience?

I have verified the security group is not blocking this port in or out, confirmed in the Ubuntu instance the FW is allowing port 25.

Unsure what next steps are here and hope you can help.

Have you requested that AWS open mail related ports to your instance?

This may be part of the very last step in that (slightly outdated) tutorial. Or it may be a separate step, I do not know what AWS’s specific requirements are.

Are you on AWS Lightsail? I am.

Port 25 is not blocked.

@pupsncats posted a how to on YouTube

On Lightsail under manage instance you can set firewall rules.

Unblock all tcp and udp ports 0 thru 65535 all protocols.

MiaB sets up its own firewall.

Hope this helps.

I read the setup guide on FunnelBake and it is really dated. Ubuntu 14.04?

I use LightSail on many of my servers. On new accounts port 25 is limited. You can request AWS to remove the restrictions. You have to fill out a form and inform that what you will be using your email server for and that you have spam policies in place. If you have a WordPress website I highly recommend the plugin Mailster.

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